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Interesting facts and pictures about the Stick Bugs.

Now we have to be careful with the food they eat. At the moment they are eating rose plants, but they only eat the leaves. We must clean them well to remove the pesticides and chemicals they have before giving them to the bugs.

Some of our children clean the leaves.

2013-11-26 16.59.28

And this is one of the parents

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We will introduce more information in the main poster.

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After few days to get ready the soil, the terrarium, and the correct conditions for this small ecosystem we have introduced the stick bugs. This is a big family with two parents and nine sons.

There are many conditions and characteristics that you must know to look after them.

First of all they eat rose plant leaves, they must have a temperature between 21º and 27º C. and at the moment they are living in one of the terrariums. If this family grows we will have more of them in other terrariums in the school.

Here you can see more information in spanish if you want.


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Caring for stick insects

Keeping stick insects as pets can be great fun for everyone. Some species are very easy to keep, while others pose more of a challenge to the real insect enthusiast. For everyone there is a nice species to keep, but all species require care. This page will take you through all the basics of caring for any stick insect species.

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Wonderful activity to learn to recycle!!
three_rCan you find the missing “r”.

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Learn about food chains. Click on the image…and play the game


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Parents information. Unit 4 PLANTS

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“Nutrients” 4EP

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BBC Nature – Tactile sense videos, news and facts

Check The interaction to the touch of this fantastic living thing.

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HALLOWEEN. Arts & Crafts 4º-5º EP

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