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Comparatives and superlatives. Basketball game. 3EP. ENGLISH

Let’s try this game to practice the adjectives and comparatives.


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Sea animals and life under the water.

This is a fantastic video about the whale shark. All the information you can read and see on the video.

And this video is about the full and amazing life under the sea in Philipines.

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With these flashcards you will remember the animals under the sea.

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Knowing more about beekeeping.

We are not going to talk about this in class, but you have here some interesting information about beekeeping.



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Irrigated crops. Pivots working and gardens irrigation

On this video you can see how a pivot works. Pivots are used as irrigation systems saving lots of water and with this system farmers don’t need to set pipes or tubes sending water. Thanks to the pivots water is saved because the water is sent to the correct place.



This is the traditional irrigation system farmes have been using for years. In the parks of the cities or gardens it’s whate we use.

Cites or gardens.


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Internal structure of the Cell. Orbita Laika. TV Program

Captura de pantalla 2015-01-18 22.33.04

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HECTOR’S WEBQUEST. Resources for all.

Our students from University want to show us the interesting projects they do at University, this is a really nice webquest where you can work and practice different topics such as Geography, culture, gastronomy and many more interesting things.
Clic on the image.

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Skyscrapers in the world

You can compare the different and tallest skyscrapers with this photo.


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Population distribution in the world!

Look at this map. Here you see the population distribution around the World. Can you identify the most important cities in Europe or in the world?



  • 1 Japon, Tokio 33.800.000
  • 2 Corea del Sur, Seul-Incheon 23.900.000
  • 3 Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico (D.F.) 22.900.000
  • 4 India, Delhi 22.400.000
  • 5 India, Bombay 22.300.000
  • 6 New York USA, 21.900.000
  • 7 Brasil, Sao Paulo 21.000.000
  • 8 Filipinas, Manila 19.200.000
  • 9 Los Angeles, USA 18.000.000
  • 10 Shanghai, China 17.900.000
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