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Decorating our bowls with mosaics and “alkil”.

These are our final projects. They are almost finished.

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Original website:

On this website you will see our final project. We are trying now…. let’s see if it’s possible!!

In arts and crafts we are decorating bowls, glasses and vases. We are using a technique gluing pieces of paper or photos on the bowls using alkyl. This should be the final result. Just be patient to decorate because the final result is really beautiful.

1. We get ready the materials

2. We look for on magazines the interesting pictures or drawings.

3.  We can do a first layer or base for our drawing or decoration

4. On the foreground we place the best drawings and interesting pictures. They will appear on the foreground and in the background we will see the photos we glue at the end.

5. The final idea is to place alkyl on everything, on the whole poster.

…Then we can do this on any surface, bowl, jar, glass or vase.


This is our final result.


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