Periods of history I: Prehistory & Ancient History

25 Jan



It started when first humans appeared about 5 millions years ago.
It finished when writing was invented about 3.500 B.C or 5.000 years ago.

We know about prehistory from the paintings, tools and other objects:

  • People lived in caves
  • They made clothes from animal skins.
  • They collected wild plants and fruits to eat.

They discovered important things: first FIRE, then the WHEEL and finally the WRITING.

Ancient History


It started when people invented writing 3.500 B.C. or 5.000 years ago.
It finished when Roman Empire fall in 476 A.D.

First civilisations:

  • Greeks and Romans.

What do we know about Greeks?

  • They invented the coins, Olympic games, DEMOCRACY.
  • They started trade: buy and sell things
  • They made beautiful buildings and sculptures
  • They believed in many gods.
  • They called Iberian Peninsula “IBERIA”
  • They wrote about science: Pythagoras

What do we know about Romans?

  • They came to Iberian Peninsula in 218 B.C.
  • They called it HISPANIA
  • They conquered many lands in Europe and north Africa
  • Roman Empire ended in 476 A.D.
  • They built:
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