Periods of history III: The Early Modern Age andModern Age

25 Jan

The Early Modern Age.


It started in 1492. In that year Columbus discovered America. In that date other explorers sailed around the word.

Main inventions:

  • Printing press in 15th century.
  • Compass.
  • Better maps and ships.

It is called GOLDEN AGE:

  • Writers: Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) and Cervantes (Don Quijote) and other writers like Lope de Vega
  • Artist: El Greco, Velazquez

Spain conquered many lands in America, Asia and Africa and set a BIG EMPIRE.

It ended with French Revolution in 1789 when people decided they didn’t want kings/queens.

The Modern Age.


It started in 1789 with French Revolution (in Spain latter with the War of Independence)

19th century:

  • There were many important changes and inventions: INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.
    • Steam trains, factories, machines
    • School for rich families

20th century:

  • Better conditions
  • New machines: washing clothes, cooking, cars, buses, planes…
  • School for all
  • Entertainment: cinema, TV, the Internet…

21st century:

  • There will be many changes and inventions: INFORMATION/INTERNET REVOLUTION.
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