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Hot air balloons. Arts & crafts 4ºEP

This is our next activity in arts, hot air ballons. It will take several sessions but the final result is really nice. Materials

Balloons, scissors, glue (liquid), tape, cord or string, yougurt, plastic glass (for the mixtures), water colors, tpaintbrush, newspapers and kitchen paper or thick toilet paper.

We attach the balloon to the plastic glass with tape. Then it’s going to be easier to work with it.

Apply a mixture of glue with water and glue stripes and pieces of newspaper and kitchen paper. We have to complete several layers on the surface of the ballon.

Dry for a day or several hours.

Then we can explode the balloon and start painting.

Dry the balloons2016-04-08 16.16.35

Paint the basket of the balloon, this is the empty yogurt. 2016-04-11 10.13.05.jpg

Tie with the basket (yogurt) to the ballon doing some holes and  tying both parts to each other.

  1. IMG_20160412_113016.jpgSin título.png
  2. These are some of our finished balloons.


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