Pop up letter for the Mother’s Day.Augmented Reality. Aurasma

27 Apr

This is the part with Augmented Reality. Sacanning the cover.

To do this pop-up letter de must follow different steps.
1- Take a A4 sheet and divide it un two parts.


2- Follow the steps.

We need seven flowers like this.


3- Cut one petal.


4-Glue one of the petals to each other.



And do the same with the seven flowers. We need to paint the center of the flower with some maker or color pen.

5- we need to glue them to each other with double side cellotape.
Follow this pattern.


On the black spots place the tape.

Let’s follow the video to do it better. It’s very important to follow all steps.

If you want to read the cover of the card with the Augmented Reality layer you need to download Aurasma, press on the A below, go to thw character and search “nachochannel”. Once you do it you will see the message.

On this post you have all the information and a video in spanish.

To see the layer of “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” on augmented reality, you have to download the APP AURASMA.


and follow a channel called “nachochannel”.  Then scan the image you have on the card and you will see the image like this. Or open this link and in aurasma will everything ready.


Or you you prefer you can scan this image and and get the channel.

nacho chanel aurasma




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