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Learning Grammar singing our favourite songs

Lyrics training is a fantastic tool to learn the lyrics of the song and at the same time practice your english singing or writing those words you never do when singing. You can use You Tube searching the songs with the lyrics but this has a different challege as soon as you write the words you listen.

Here there are some examples to learn past tense with different songs. On the application or on the website first you choose or look for the song you want to work and if this song exists in the server CONGRATULATIONS because you can work with it, practice it in class or train as a fantastic Karaoke.

The second step is choosing your level depending on the amount of words your will guess. And once you clic on start everything works really well.

I leave some examples with the link but once you start playing is very easy to see the functions, the score you get. If you log in with a email account you get points or score in a different way and this is interesting to revise or check the gallery of videos you worked.

Examples using Past Tense.

Coldplay. Paradise.

You open the website and then you choose your song. The idea es to read first the karaoke version if the lyrics are complex, then with the students we practice the level or they can choose the level. The link below is just for the Karaoke version of a song of Kate Perry.

Apart from teaching Past Simple, with verbs met, got, planned, had, made, said, etc. you can also teach would for talking about future from a time in the past (I would make you stay, I would be your girl).

Information taken from

And this link is to choose the level after they hear the song.

On this website you can see exaples about learning english Grammar with music.

Other examples I worked in class.

BANG BANG by Nancy Sinatra is a great example of use of verbs in past.

You can practice Christmas Carols like this. Just choose your song on the website.

This is the song of Maria Carey. “All I want for Christmas is you”. Choose your level.

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Studying the solar system and our Galaxy: The Milky way.



Explanation of our Milky way.

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5ºEP. Guerra de Sucesión.

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4ºEP Classification of Animals.

Source: Cambridge Publishing

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5ºEP. ECOSYSTEMS. El viaje del “Emperador”.

This video will show you how species surive and reproduce even in the worst weather conditions.

Este video nos muestra cómo algunas especies son capaces de sobrevivir y reproducirse incluso en las peores condiciones atmosféricas.

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We are going to study the weather on this new lesson. You can check different weather websites.

1st check this video and see how the weather changes during this week.

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