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Arts and Crafts with plasticine. Skyscapes.

These are the fatastic proyects we are doing in arts and crafts with plasticine.

Nice work of our future artists.

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WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL. 2018-2019 Bienvenidos a nuestro blog


Welcome to a new course. This year will be fantastic full of really interesting things. In this space we will write and post lots of information, class work or activities we do in class to study, revise or just to remember everything we do in our class.

Bienvenidos a nuevo curso. Este año será fantástico lleno de cosas realmente interesantes. En este espacio iremos publicando información sobre nuestras clases y actividades que día a día vamos haciendo en clase.





Hot air balloons. Arts & crafts 4ºEP

This is our next activity in arts, hot air ballons. It will take several sessions but the final result is really nice. Materials

Balloons, scissors, glue (liquid), tape, cord or string, yougurt, plastic glass (for the mixtures), water colors, tpaintbrush, newspapers and kitchen paper or thick toilet paper.

We attach the balloon to the plastic glass with tape. Then it’s going to be easier to work with it.

Apply a mixture of glue with water and glue stripes and pieces of newspaper and kitchen paper. We have to complete several layers on the surface of the ballon.

Dry for a day or several hours.

Then we can explode the balloon and start painting.

Dry the balloons2016-04-08 16.16.35

Paint the basket of the balloon, this is the empty yogurt. 2016-04-11 10.13.05.jpg

Tie with the basket (yogurt) to the ballon doing some holes and  tying both parts to each other.

  1. IMG_20160412_113016.jpgSin título.png
  2. These are some of our finished balloons.


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Balloons Arts & Crafts. 4ºEP

Yesterday we were working in arts and crafts with ballons, glue….

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ACUARIUM. Water Ecosystem Project. 4º, 5º EP

During these days the children have been creating an excellent water ecosystem for tropical fish. Of course we did the first steps and now we have to wait to have the big fish you will see in this video. The fish you see at the end of the video lived in the same acuarium last year. In the arts and crafts class we decorated the posters for the instructions and now we are ready to write more things…

Now it’s your turn if you want to look after them. Be careful with the Acid levels, the temperature (always between 24-25º C) and feed them correctly.
We will create some more ecosystems.

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2013-11-14 16.46.19

2013-11-15 11.05.07


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Check this interesting website to know a little bit more about forces.
contact forces


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Augmented Reality in Arts and Science

During these days we have been working in class very hard to complete the term and learn lots of things. The augmented Reality is a new resource to see additional context and images from the reality toghether our text books, maps and content we worked in Arts and Crafts.

We are going to do  a whole revision of applications and webs we have seen until now.

The Body Systems. We used that day

And Learnar: the webpage where you can download the marker to see the body. There are other useful 3d imges


Quiver: We used it in Arts and crafts to do some models related to the Halloween. We saw some pumkins but there are other templates.

These days we are decorating the classes with pumkings, scary decorations and ghosts. We are creating a fantastic garland with pumkins but we are using some Augmented Reality resources.

Children have a drawing with some pumkins on an rectangular picture. This is a marker o a launcher for our “Dancing Pumkins”. To see the animation of the pumkins you need to download an App called Quiver.

Once you download the application you scan with the camara our Halloween drawing and the pumkings will start to move and dance.

There are other templates you can download from the same application or here:


4985c-2014-02-1912-56-292014-02-28 12.39.432014-02-28 12.40.27

These days we are introducing in arts and crafts an interesting way to create characters or drawings thanks to the “Augmented Reality”. Thanks to applications like Quiver, we worked in Halloween, or Chromville we can paint and personalise   models that we can download from these websites. In this case with Chromville we create a nice monster but the activities this Application has are wonderful. There are some arts & crafts print downloads that increase children’s creativity, science projects to check how a plant grows or we can visualize the metamorphosis of a frog. 


Educational game app based on augmented reality. Join the 3D adventure and your paints come alive!

2. VISIT and PRINT chapters pages
3. COLORIZE printed coloring pages
4. START with play button and SELECT the specific village of your printed chapter-page
5. POINT to the pageDowload the app from here

These are some of our examples. All free downloadable resources clic here: CHROMVILLE PDF


Another intersting part Chromville has is that there are printables and works related to science. We can see how a plant grows or to see the evolucion of a tadpole in a metamorphosys.

With this application we  can create fantastic christmas cards. The templates and imagen can be dowloaded for free. You should log in and open an account but it’s a free resource.

In class we usted the photograph of the student we the final result is this. FANTASTIC.


This model below is the template to paint. Just scanning the image we get the colors on the Christmas tree or the letters. CHROMVILLE PDF (22 examples)

2015-12-09 16.52.48

I will try to include other Augmented Reality resources we work in class in future lessons.




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