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Let’s see these videos and links to know a little bit more about the Circulatory system.


Clic on the following picture to see the animation and explanation.

This animation will explain perfecty what we have seen in class


This drawing will let you understand better this lesson.


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Growing mold in class 4ºEP NATURAL SC.

This is a very simple experiment to grow mold very fast.

  1. Take some slices of bread, it can be from supermarket, but you must know this breads contain chemical preservatives and it will last a little bit more in appear. 2017-09-28 09.50.14
  2. Spray wather on them, you don’t need to water them a lot.
  3. 2017-09-28 09.50.34
  4. Put the bread into a plastic bag with a zip, it must be closed during the growing process.

2017-09-28 09.51.19 Then our bread is ready to grow mold for the following days. It doesn’t matter the amount of light, the humidity is what is important during this process.

But our orange is the winner.

Look at this painting

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Natural Sc. Brainstorming

This is something we are going to do this year. Mind maps and diagrams.


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Welcome to a new course. Class Rules

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Renewable energy sources vs Non-Renewable energy sources in stop motion

This video will help you to understand the renweable energy sources vs the non renewable energy sources. It’s an original way to see the energies.

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Studying Minerals and Rocks. 4ºEP


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Differences between bacteria and Viruses, microbios. Vaccinations, why? 4ºEP

Here you have a really nice explanation about bacteria, virus and how cells in our body are affected by them.


What’s a vaccination… Check this video and you will understand better.

Why do you think we have to treat and kill some bacteria in the milk berore packing it. This is the  uperisation processs. Uperization  is a method of sterilizing milk by injecting steam under pressure to raise the temperature to 150 °C. The added water is evaporated off.

If you want to know a little bit more about uperisation, or different ways to kill bacteria on the milk follow this link. It’s in spanish.


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