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4ºEP”Guerras Púnicas. Roma vs. Cartago”

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5ºEP The history of the Visigoths, Al-Andalus and the Reconquista. Timelines

This other link will show you the time line of the Reconquista.

Visigoths and Al Andalus here on this link below:

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La Olmeda. Domus y casas de los romanos.

En clase hemos podido ver de primera mano cómo es un domus o casa Patricia de la época romana. Hoy, en nuestra visita a la villa romana de la Olmeda podemos ver las diferentes estancias.

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Time lines. prehistory and history in class.

These days we walked through the history and we learned really interesting things we wrote in out posters and class timelines.

Excellent teamwork and cooperative learning.

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Periods of the History

At the end of this post you will find a pdf file with most of the information we get in class during the last two sessions.

We wrote about the following periods:

Access to the PDF file.



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