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Renewable energy sources vs Non-Renewable energy sources in stop motion

This video will help you to understand the renweable energy sources vs the non renewable energy sources. It’s an original way to see the energies.

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Can these machines complete the sequences and serve the lemonade?

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Pulleys and simple machines. 4º

Our 4th year students are enjoying the fantastic simple machines  6th years boys did last week.

Their pulleys and levers can show us how effort or resistance work in these simple machines.


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Complex Machines. Solar panels moving  a fan. 

On this video you can see a fantastic solar panel moving an electric fan. All made with recycling  materials!!

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Simple Machines. Levers, pulleys… 3ºEP

Check this video about machines and tools to learn more about this lesson.

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PRINTING PRESS, Complex Machines 3ºEP

This is the presentation of the printing press we saw in class. The song is fantastic to understand the different positive consequences it had.


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This is the presentation we did en class and the different photos from these explanations.

2017-05-11 11.15.28

And this is the telegraph and morse code we leart to send mesages  between us.

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Example of a wedge. Cutting wood

This is a wedge:




The real name in Spanish is “Astilladora hidráulica” it’s connected to the engine of the back part of the tractor using the engine power.

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Simple machines. 3ºEP Diagram



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