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Así funcionan las máquinas que pueden ver cualquier rincón de tu cerebro

On this post you can see the different machines we use in medicine to every corner inside your body

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Technology in Medicine. Gesture-Based surgical manipulation to do operations with robots

Now technology can do lots of things, but even  these machines can do a difficult operation just on remote control. This machines work on remote control, that means that the surgeon doesn’t need to be present in the operating theater for example.
A huge advance in our science and in our medicine.
Here you can see more videos about this incredible machine.

This is a tv program that explains very well what this machine can do. INCREDIBLE in one word!!

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PRINTING PRESS, Complex Machines 3ºEP

This is the presentation of the printing press we saw in class. The song is fantastic to understand the different positive consequences it had.


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This is the presentation we did en class and the different photos from these explanations.

2017-05-11 11.15.28

And this is the telegraph and morse code we leart to send mesages  between us.

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COMPLEX MACHINES. Steam engine. 4ºEP

In this movie you can see how the steam machine work. The difference is that the burning fuel used in the first train machines worked burning coal.

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Complex Machines. Solar panels moving  a fan. 

On this video you can see a fantastic solar panel moving an electric fan. All made with recycling  materials!!

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Simple machines-Complex machines CLASS PHOTOS

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