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4ºEP SOCIAL SC. Revision classes

1st. You can do the revision exercises from Cambridge resources you have on this link.

2nd. Check this map and talk about the weather in different parts of Spain. Thursday 21 January at 12:00 on this website:

Use as example the exercise 3 on page 15 (activity book)

3rd: Study this climate graph. And Answer the questions.

HOW TO DRAW CLIMATE GRAPHS – Travelling across time / Viajando a través del  tiempo

1-Which month has the highest temperature?

2-Which is the wettest month?

3-Which is the coldest month?

4-Average of temperature in August:

5-Which month has the lowest temperature?

6-Which is the second wettest month?

7-Which is the driest month?

8- Precipation and temperature this country has in august.

4th Watch this video and make a list with two main columns. Which things help us to save energy and which things don’t help us to save energy.

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Check the weather forecast and watch the video.

There is some more information about climate zones on this link if you want to learn some more.

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We are going to study the weather on this new lesson. You can check different weather websites.

1st check this video and see how the weather changes during this week.

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As you know every tuesday we look at the nature and we try to talk about the nature, saving energy and our “martes verdes”.This video is has different topics and ideas we can do everyday to save energy and have a “GREEN PLANET”.


What do you think about these two sentences?
There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed. ~Mohandas K. Gandhi

Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us. ~Henrik Tikkanen

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How do we use the electricity. Differences between Energy. Renewable and non renewable energy sources

In this animation you can see how a Thermal power plant works and sends the electricity to your house before having a long journey. On the other hand you can choose a clean energy source checking the work wind mills do. It’s quite different they way both move their turbines to produce electricity. Check it out!!


One blogger suggested this interesting website saying this. Follow the link. renewable energy sources

If we start using more and more of renewable energy sources than still there is a possibility for the earth to get better and greener.


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Understanding what GLOBAL WARMING is. 4ºEP

Try to understand this animation because it will help you to understand what happens in our atmosphere. Write your doubts in the comments or if you understand this.

global warming

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THE THREE “R” GAME. Helping the environment



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LESSON DIAGRAM. The Atmosphere and the weather. 4ºEP

lesson 1. 4º EP.ATMOSPHERE

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A student’s guide to Global Warming

Check the different activities to study the Global Warming


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Studying the weather


This is the map for tomorrow. What can you see??

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