Sources of energy

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How can we save energy? Energy

Watch this video about this family wasting energy and doing their best to save it and preserve the environment. Do your comments and try to know different things you can do to prevent Global Warming.


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Getting ready the Acuarium at school.

We had to leave ready our acuarium these days and feed automatically the fish.

That’s why some of our sessions have been by the acuarium

  • We cleaned the tank.
  • We supervised the temperature. 25° C.
  • We cleaned the filter. Cleaning all the different layers of filtering sponges and rocks.
  • We planted some plants.
  • We have programmed correctly the light hours.
  • And the most important thing is to leave the automatic dispenser of food ready to feed the fish twice a day.

Here you can see some of this process and care our  animals need.







Changes in matter. Forces 3°EP


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Changes in Matter. 3°EP

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Simple Machines. Levers, pulleys… 3ºEP

Check this video about machines and tools to learn more about this lesson.

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Archimedes experiments and demonstrations. Why do some objects float?


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