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You can watch the videos on these two links. This videos show the internal layers of the Earth, how earthquakes are formed, volcanoes and how rocks are formed.

This second video is about transformation of the metamorphic rocks.

To revise everything we learnt in class we are going to do this quizz. It’s very easy and you know how it works.

This videos are taken from this website. Remember if you want to play them you need Flash Player.

Open and write this code:


or you can click on this link below.

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4EP Healthy habits

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4EP Classification of Rocks

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Electricity. Basics to understand how things work. 4ºEP


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Why changing the incandescent bulbs for the energy saving bulbs?

Incandescent bulbs don’t exist any more but they are still lighting in some houses. But why changing or why use these ones. It’s just a question of energy? In the long run Energy saving bulbs last more and have a longer life.

Check the following table of energy usage:



2015-03-06 10.43.14
2015-03-06 10.44.03
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Nuestras mascotas de clase. Insectos palo. Pets in class Sitick insects

These are our new pets and friends in class. They are living inside the class and we must look after them.

Estas son nuestras mascotas de clase. Viven dentro de una vitrina y debemos cuidarlas bien todos los dias.


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Simple machines projects. 4ºEP

These are the fantastic projects children have done about simple machines, pulleys, levers or inclined planes

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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