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Photo Collage with Augmented Reality. Class Projects and applications through the Human Body

Collage 2014-12-10 10_35_25

This is the collage with different photos about the class proyects you have done in class. Excellent job working through the  projects you did studying the Human Body and the different Systems. This collage has been done with PicCollage

Remember the Apps we used in class.

And Learnar: the webpage where you can download the marker to see the body. There are other useful 3d imges

Remember you can scan each of the posters you did in class with Layar then the content you found, the audios you recorded about the Body Systems and the webpages you chose class. There are some of the posters in which the content is uploading but be patient.

Scan and enjoy your nice work.

Scan the posters with Layar app.

This will be the final result scanning the posters.

2014-12-10 12.55.08 2014-12-10 12.55.23


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