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PRINTING PRESS, Complex Machines 3ºEP

This is the presentation of the printing press we saw in class. The song is fantastic to understand the different positive consequences it had.


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Complex Machines. Solar panels moving  a fan. 

On this video you can see a fantastic solar panel moving an electric fan. All made with recycling  materials!!

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Archimedes and explanation of why a ship floats

Why do you think you can float, check this image and watch these two videos to understand this simple principle.


Some of the Archimedes inventions


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Technology in Medicine. Gesture-Based surgical manipulation to do operations with robots

Now technology can do lots of things, but even  these machines can do a difficult operation just on remote control. This machines work on remote control, that means that the surgeon doesn’t need to be present in the operating theater for example.
A huge advance in our science and in our medicine.
Here you can see more videos about this incredible machine.

This is a tv program that explains very well what this machine can do. INCREDIBLE in one word!!

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