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How do we use the electricity. Differences between Energy. Renewable and non renewable energy sources

In this animation you can see how a Thermal power plant works and sends the electricity to your house before having a long journey. On the other hand you can choose a clean energy source checking the work wind mills do. It’s quite different they way both move their turbines to produce electricity. Check it out!!


One blogger suggested this interesting website saying this. Follow the link. renewable energy sources

If we start using more and more of renewable energy sources than still there is a possibility for the earth to get better and greener.


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How can we save energy? Energy

Watch this video about this family wasting energy and doing their best to save it and preserve the environment. Do your comments and try to know different things you can do to prevent Global Warming.


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Conductivity of materials .Electricity. 

This isn’t a bulb it’s a lead of a pencil with 15 volts. Then as you can see it’s similar to a light bulb. 

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Electricity. Basics to understand how things work. 4ºEP


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