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Gravity and weight in other planets. Forces



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Gravity: Unusual houses. Where is the center of gravity in them. 4ºEP

These are very special houses with an unusual center of gravity. The original post is this

Puerta de Europa: These twin office buildings in Madrid have 26 floors and designed by American architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee. They rest on an inclination of 15 degrees and are the first inclined skyscrapers in the world.

Wozoco Apartments: Wozoco is located in Amsterdam-Osdorp and is made up of 100 apartments. Because the regulations of the area, which restricted apartment blocks to 87 units, the idea was to create more units while giving each tenant more light. The conclusion? An extra 14 units were suspended from the side of the main building.

Device to Root Out Evil: A sculpture by American artist Dennis Oppenheim, this upside down mini-church was rejected by Vancouver’s parks committee and is now on display by Calgary’s Glenbow Museum.

Upside Down House: Along with making a statement on the Communist era and the state of the world, the Upside Down House has also brought hoards of tourists to its tiny village of Szymbark, Poland — though many complain of dizziness and seasickness when they come out.Cybertechture Egg: Due to be completed at the end of this year, the Cybertechture Egg will be one crazy, 13-floor office building. As you can see, it’ll let in plenty of light, and also has a green garden space up top to offer a view of Mumbai.

Floating Castle: How about that? An old bunker supposedly used for surplus mineral fertilizer in the Ukraine literally floats — held up by just one cantilever.

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Gravitational influence of the MOON. The tides.

Last night, full moon. We can see it very well but the tides in the sea always exist. Remember that is the main reason why water level rises in the beaches on in the sea shores. Some pictures of the moon last night.

The following diagram shows how the moon causes tides on Earth:

In this diagram, you can see that the moon’s gravitational force pulls on water in the oceans so that there are “bulges” in the ocean on both sides of the planet. The moon pulls water toward it, and this causes the bulge toward the moon. The bulge on the side of the Earth opposite the moon is caused by the moon “pulling the Earth away” from the water on that side.

If you are on the coast and the moon is directly overhead, you should experience a high tide. If the moon is directly overhead on the opposite side of the planet, you should also experience a high tide.

During the day, the Earth rotates 180 degrees in 12 hours. The moon, meanwhile, rotates 6 degrees around the earth in 12 hours. The twin bulges and the moon’s rotation mean that any given coastal city experiences a high tide every 12 hours and 25 minutes or so.

If you want to learn more about this check this webpage.

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