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Hunting spiders. Living things carnivore arthropods

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Amazing living things in the sea

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Crazy living things and their food.

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Ecosystems and living things at school.

Nexto to the classes we can enjoy and see how different ecosystems work.


The acuarium is a closed ecosystem with differente characteristics if we bear in mind what a habitat is. The acuarium has the following elements.

  • It has a thermostat to control that temperature could be at 25º C,
  • It has an external filter to clean the water
  • a compressor to produce bubbles and oxygenate the water.
  • an automatic feeder which drops food three times a day.

light, the light is very important for the photosynthesis of the plants and it must be on for 7 o 8 hours a day.


Another ecosystem we have is the Stick bugs or stick insects. These arthopods reproduce in the same terrarium if this has the correct conditions. They only need enough light, humidity and mild temperature. In winter we have to be careful so this animals can die if the temperature is lower than 16-17. At the moment we have 30 insects. The change the skin and we often see how they are hanging from the sides of the terrarium and they leave the old skin stuck to the glass or a branch.

They are from the rosalis species and they eat rose plant leaves.



These plants, for the moment are some peas and flowers. If you observe you will be able to see how big they grow day after day.

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ECOSYSTEMS mind map. 4ºEP

Thanks to differente internet tools we can create mind maps. We have used Mindmeinster to create this one.


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This is the most important information about living things we learnt on this first lesson.

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Moulds in class

These are the moulds children are looking after and creating in class.

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