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Growing mold in class 4ºEP NATURAL SC.

This is a very simple experiment to grow mold very fast.

  1. Take some slices of bread, it can be from supermarket, but you must know this breads contain chemical preservatives and it will last a little bit more in appear. 2017-09-28 09.50.14
  2. Spray wather on them, you don’t need to water them a lot.
  3. 2017-09-28 09.50.34
  4. Put the bread into a plastic bag with a zip, it must be closed during the growing process.

2017-09-28 09.51.19 Then our bread is ready to grow mold for the following days. It doesn’t matter the amount of light, the humidity is what is important during this process.

But our orange is the winner.

Look at this painting

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