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4ºEP SOCIAL SC. Revision classes

1st. You can do the revision exercises from Cambridge resources you have on this link.

2nd. Check this map and talk about the weather in different parts of Spain. Thursday 21 January at 12:00 on this website:

Use as example the exercise 3 on page 15 (activity book)

3rd: Study this climate graph. And Answer the questions.

HOW TO DRAW CLIMATE GRAPHS – Travelling across time / Viajando a través del  tiempo

1-Which month has the highest temperature?

2-Which is the wettest month?

3-Which is the coldest month?

4-Average of temperature in August:

5-Which month has the lowest temperature?

6-Which is the second wettest month?

7-Which is the driest month?

8- Precipation and temperature this country has in august.

4th Watch this video and make a list with two main columns. Which things help us to save energy and which things don’t help us to save energy.

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4ºEP. NATURAL SC. Revision Class

1-Check this video

2-You can do the following revision exercises you have on this link:

3- Do the following guessing game

4- Guessing game with yes or no. Think in an animal. When you get it, dont’ say anything and help your partners to guess your animail answering yes or no. Questions by children must be in order and if a person guess the animal that person or student will be the one thinking in the following animal.

ex. I think in a octopus (this is my animal and I don’t say anything) Children start making questions.

-Does it have four legs? NO ( I just say NO, )

-Does it live in the sea? YES…

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4ºEP NATURAL AND SOCIAL SC. Online activities.

On these websites you can practice the activities from the books do some of the exercises we do in class. Enjoy and learn with them.

Online activities from Cambridge Teacher’s website


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