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4ºEP Classification of Animals.

Source: Cambridge Publishing

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4ºEP SOCIAL SC. Rotation and Revolution: Seasons

Click on this image below to see an animation that explain how Earth moves.

Rotation: day and night. 24 hours

Revolution: 365 days. The seasons. Check the video.

All animations about this website you can find them on this link.

Todas las animaciones las encontrais en este link de arriba pero debéis tener en cuenta que es Flash player. Para visualizar esa web y sus diferentes partes tenéis que utilizar un navegador compatible como Mozilla firefox, Microsoft Edge o Safari e instalar Flash Player. O habilitarlo como complemento.

No funciona en dispositivos móviles o tablets o en Google Chrome.


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VIDEO CHAT with New Hampshire. Exchanging Cultures Project

Today was that great day in which our students finally met and knew the students from USA. After writing letters and showing a little bit of our cultures we did today our first connection on a video chat through Skype. This is an important school of languages located in New Hampshire called “Su Escuela Language Academy”.

Children from New Hampshire talked about their school, the different classes they had and we knew their teachers and some of the children too. They talked about their traditions, sports, some animals living there and American traditions. Then, we talked them about our school, its location and a little bit about our historical city Valladolid. Our best part was for food and gastronomy and we explained them different traditional foods from our region like roasted lamb or our “Spanish paella”.

It was a really good experience and children were anxious about talking and showing our cultures to each other on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The website of this school is and you can see some of the facilities or classes here.

USAschool2 usaschool1

Here you can see some of the best moments of this first connection.

These are some of the moments when our students started to write the letters we sent them, these moments were one month ago.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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