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LIRICS TRAINING. Learning English with songs

This fantastic tool will help you to learn the lirics of your favourite songs training them and singing as the best pop start.!NACHOHERRERO

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Comparative and Superlative 4º British Council

Let`s learn the adjectives and their superlative of comparative forms with this website.

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How many-How much? Countable-uncountable. English 4ºEP games

Hello again, concerning grammar we practised these constructions in class these days. You can study with this two pictures and do the exercises to know some more.

Do the following exercise writing the correct answer. Clic on this activity below.

Captura de pantalla 2018-09-28 a las 11.40.50.png

More exercises.

Try this game:

Captura de pantalla 2018-09-28 a las 11.53.45.png





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How do we use the electricity. Differences between Energy. Renewable and non renewable energy sources

In this animation you can see how a Thermal power plant works and sends the electricity to your house before having a long journey. On the other hand you can choose a clean energy source checking the work wind mills do. It’s quite different they way both move their turbines to produce electricity. Check it out!!


One blogger suggested this interesting website saying this. Follow the link. renewable energy sources

If we start using more and more of renewable energy sources than still there is a possibility for the earth to get better and greener.


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Adjectives comparative and superlative

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Countable and uncountable sentences 4°EP

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Do and does, frequency adverbs. Grammar exercises 3º and 4º EP

Lets try these different exercises and games to work with do an does, making questions and forming sentences.

1-Game of Multiple choice questions:

2- Choose between don’t or doesn’t.

3- Frequency adverbs. Put the words in order.

4- Present simple Grammar. Lesson plans.

  • Present Simple

ESL Quiz – Present Simple Verbs (Letitia Bradley) I-TESL-J

Do the following listening:

6- Do and Does. Grammar exercises II



Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

7- Grammar Game

Check this website and play the different games it has. Go to the CONTENT LIST and you enter in the main menu with voculary, grammar and lots of exercises to revise your English skills.

Check your learning!!!

8- Present Simple. Present Simple Tense Action Verbs Interactive Monkey Game

9- Wh questions. What, where, when, How… game.

10- Tones of grammar exercises and quizzes for English class.





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