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THE EARTH. Layers and internal dynamics, materials of the earth, rocks, water cycle, Earth-moon movements…

This is a very interesting website where we can study many parts of the Earth, the main layers, formation of rocks, movements of the earth and the moon in our Solar System. Enjoy it.

This website gives  really interesting information with lots of pictures and multimedia presentations.


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This is a really nice video about nutrients. How do they work and why do we need them for.

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Minerals & rocks

These are some photos of our practice with rocks and minerals of this week.


And, do you remember the minerals and rocks?


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Do you remember the names of these rocks?

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Let’s start with the Minerals. 4º E.P.

Whit this link you will be able to know most of the different properties that minerals have. You can try the activities if you want to be the best scientific but of course this is just an example of exercise to understand the lesson.



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Example. Nicolas Cebeira. MIND MAP. 4º EP

Nicolas Cebreiro has done this mind map for us. Good Job!!! Clic on the image to enlarge


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ROCKS AND MINERALS. Lesson 2. Diagram Mindomo.4ºEP


Clic on it, You just see one part of the diagram and use your mouse to travel through it, you can zoom or go to any category or arrows to revise the information.Use the scroll of you mouse. You can print and glue it on your class notebook. With this tool you can export the document to a photo or pdf. If you want the pdf done just clic here.

The tool to do this is 50556_108211822574303_5096512_n

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