Let’s see through these links different webstites to know about the digestive system.

With this fantastic program you can feed this person and check how nutrients are absorved or the different nutrition elements that these dishes have.



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Las rocas y sus propiedades. Sociales 4°

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Halloween on Augmented Reality. Arts & Crafts.

There are many interesting resources to show scary stories or to tell a tale related to Halloween. Now is the turn for the Augmented Reality and create interesting moving creatures thanks to our colourful drawings we are doing in class.

There are two apps we need to download to show the augmented reality.

For the Halloween Pumkins we need Quiver Vision.

Resultado de imagen de quiver vision

These days we are decorating the classes with pumkings, scary decorations and ghosts.

Children have a drawing with some pumkins on an rectangular picture. This is a marker o a launcher for our “Dancing Pumkins”. To see the animation of the pumkins you need to download an App called Quiver. 

Once you download the application you scan with the camara our Halloween drawing and the pumkings will start to move and dance.

There are other templates you can download from the same application or here:


For the monsters we will need Chromville App

2. VISIT and PRINT chapters pages
3. COLORIZE printed coloring pages
4. START with play button and SELECT the specific village of your printed chapter-page
5. POINT to the pageDowload the app from here

With this application we  can create fantastic christmas cards. The templates and imagen can be dowloaded for free. You should log in and open an account but it’s a free resource.

These are some of our examples. All free downloadable resources clic here: CHROMVILLE PDF



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Living things and natural food chains. Predators ??

Nice photo from a colleague at school showing the natural process in a food chain thanks Mr. Funck.


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Physical description of people. 4English


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La rotación, traslación y las estaciones, 4ºEP C. Naturales.

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-18 a las 10.01.47.png
Captura de pantalla 2018-10-18 a las 10.03.48.png
Captura de pantalla 2018-10-18 a las 10.05.39.png


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Layers of the Earth.

With this project on plasticine we can see very well the structure of the Earth from the center of the Earth.

Good job students!!!

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