Climograph 4ºEP. SOCIAL SC. PROJECT 1

24 Jan

This is the project we will do in Social Science classes. The idea is to create a climograph recording and checking the weather forecast every day. You have your A3 cards where you will record weather conditions.


This is the project we are doing these days in class. It’s a climograph. We are going to insert and write the different temperatures, information on it day by day.

It’s very important to get the information from the same source or website, and it’s also important to get the information at the same hour.

At school we use and we get the information at 11:00 .

There is some information we are recording and writing every day on this panel.

  1. These are the days.
  2. This is the weather day by day. If it’s sunny, cloudy, foggy… There is some information over this line where you can see a percentage. This is the humidity and the windspeed. You can add this information below the sun o over the line of the days.
  3. It’s the temperature. Try to understand that it’s necessary to write 0º C and below. In winter we can get very low temperatures in Valladolid.
  4. You can decorate and color some  weather icons like sunny, foggy, cloudy.. You can also create a nice a beautiful tittle.
  5. You can see on this picture two spaces to show you the weather. We record today and yesterday here at the school. Don’t write this information, this numbers must be on the corresponding day.
  6. It’s the weather conditions.
  7. Windspeed.
  8. Amount of precipitation in mm.
  9. Humidity measured in percentage.

You can record number 6, 7 and 8 in another line, below the days. The idea is to create a graphic to see weather conditions and changes in weather.

This is all the information we got since last wednesday.

Tuesday 24th

You can see some examples:

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