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4ºEP SOCIAL SC. Rotation and Revolution: Seasons

Click on this image below to see an animation that explain how Earth moves.

Rotation: day and night. 24 hours

Revolution: 365 days. The seasons. Check the video.

All animations about this website you can find them on this link.

Todas las animaciones las encontrais en este link de arriba pero debéis tener en cuenta que es Flash player. Para visualizar esa web y sus diferentes partes tenéis que utilizar un navegador compatible como Mozilla firefox, Microsoft Edge o Safari e instalar Flash Player. O habilitarlo como complemento.

No funciona en dispositivos móviles o tablets o en Google Chrome.


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THE EARTH. Layers and internal dynamics, materials of the earth, rocks, water cycle, Earth-moon movements…

This is a very interesting website where we can study many parts of the Earth, the main layers, formation of rocks, movements of the earth and the moon in our Solar System. Enjoy it.

This website gives  really interesting information with lots of pictures and multimedia presentations.

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Planets size in our Galaxy: The Milky Way.


With these videos and the solar system scope you can know better where the Earth is located in our Solar System and our position in our galaxy, the Milky way.


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Layers of the Earth.



With this project on plasticine we can see very well the structure of the Earth from the center of the Earth.

Good job students!!!

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“The Planet Earth: Astronomy and Space for Kids – FreeSchool”

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Earth in Timelapse. Seasons

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Unit 7: The Earthinfo

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